The primary focus of the Membership committee is to assure the growth of the Association by structuring and implementing activities directly relating to soliciting new members. This committee will also implement the progress for follow up on prospects and monitor the progress. Membership renewals are also the committee’s responsibility.

The primary focus of the Program committee is to design and monitor the implementation of events that will promote the mission of the Association. Some of the areas of concentration will include “Gathering After Hours” to provide networking opportunities, classes to educate the business community, and seminars to keep the membership up to date on community trends that affect the business arena.

The primary focus of the Membership committee is to locate and introduce programs that directly impact the efficiency and have a positive impact on the financial health of the member businesses. Such areas might include group health/life insurance rates, special programs for utilities including but not limited to energy and communications.

The primary focus of the Fundraising committee is to design and implement activities that will generate operating revenues for the association. Such activities might include golf outings, annual meetings, or other such special events that will attract a wide audience on a fee-paying basis.

The Executive committee is made up of the current chairperson, immediate past chairperson, chairperson elect, vice chair, treasurer, and corporate secretary. Duties will include administration of the Association office, board development, nominating issues, charter/ bylaws and association members.

The primary focus of the legislative committee is to remain current on issues of legislation at the Federal, State, and Local level and how they affect the business environment. This committee will also provide the conduit to be informative to the general membership, as well as remain proactive on the membership’s response. Such items of particular importance currently includes taxes/taxing authorities, the third regional airport, and other such items that materially affect economic development.

The primary focus of the public relations/marketing committee will be to keep the Association name and activities in front of the general public on a positive basis. Implementation of this mission will include management of media, web site, newsletters and brochures.

The primary focus of this committee will be to provide programs for outreach into deprived areas of our market to assist in improving the conditions of those areas.

The primary focus of the business/education cooperative committee is to address the condition of education to impact positively on the business community. Programs might include the early childhood development cooperative, primary and secondary education and other such programs, that will impact favorably on the development of more educated individuals to enter the work place.

The primary focus of the business/arts committee is to promote the development of art programs in the areas in which our member businesses are located.