Danielle Mitchell

Danielle Mitchell is an International Marketing Strategist and founder of Average Black Girl. At  AverageBlackGirl.com, the mission is to create more multicultural millionaires through marketing, web design, product management and securing partnerships.

Danielle’s background is marketing with consumer package goods such as L’Oreal and Coca Cola. She has taught in the USA in cities including Chicago and Atlanta but has also worked in Nigeria, and she spoke in Ghana at the Africa Entrepreneur Conference.

She has received her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and business management from the College of Business at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. She is Google Adword certified and has received the Harvard Business School HBX CORe Readiness Certification.

Currently Average Black Girl has 30,000 followers. The brand generates revenue through online courses, web design, consulting, membership course, and sponsored posts.

The go to market strategy consists of contributing to major outlets such as blackdoctor.org, Average Black Girl podcast, and social media. In a world of online coaches that focus on business development, Average Black Girl is unique in that they not only teach clients how to grow and expand but teach individuals how to become influencers.