Past Summit Awards


The Annual Summit Awards honor leading business people and organizations who have contributed to the economic and cultural growth of the region.  Each of the awardees is carefully selected from the many businesses and organizations in the region for their outstanding performance and excellence in their qualifying category. 


The five catagories are:

Small Business of the Year Award recognizes a business’s management ability, continued growth, innovativeness of their product or service, and contribution to the community or others.

Training Excellence of the Year Award recognizes businesses that are striving to maintain and upgrade their employees’ skills, contribution to the community or others, value added from the training process to their business and recognition of being ready for new or changing technologies or processes.

Economic Development Leader of the Year Award acknowledges management ability and contribution to the community and region by working toward continued growth and viability of the region, along with efforts made to build good, strong relationships with business.

Creative Arts Award acknowledges the ability to offer top-caliber talent to the community, the use of local talent representing the diversity of the communities it serves, demonstration of continued growth and success as an organization and its willingness to engage in collaborative efforts with other creative arts organizations.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes the vision, innovation and hard work of a young person; their contribution to the community or others;  and raises awareness in our communities and among our youth of the critical role that private enterprise and entrepreneurship play in the building of America.

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